Stop Comparing Yourself, To Anyone

It seems ironic that in a generation continually condemned for its vanity, comparison is at its most rife and pungent. From clothes to weight to the number of followers on the assortment of social media platforms, we spend more time than ever seeing how we, or rather how we don’t, match up against our peers and adversaries. It is a natural, instinctive process turned subconscious negative routine by its excess and misuse.

Discover that self-gratification can be achieved single-handedly, and self-deprecation can be eliminated. Be attentive to the fact that the world is too vast to avoid being constantly surrounded by other people, who will be presented, either actively or innocently, as comparison points. But understand that you’ve never led their lives and never will. From our pre-conception, we have each been granted an individual pathway through life. This makes it physically impossible therefore to accurately gauge our accomplishments on those of others.

Think of the world as a high school biology project, with more than 7 billion (!) uniquely designed samples. Without a control or placebo, any attempt at comparison of these samples is unfeasible and, therefore, pointless. Let the simplicity of this fact liberate you. Regardless of any other human existing on the planet, you are nothing less than what you allow yourself to be. So be a better you. Be a healthier you. Be a kinder, more generous you. Measure your ‘self’ against yourself; you even have permission to throw away the measuring tools all together and be limitless. Do not suffer the inevitable failure of attempting to measure up to anyone other than you. It is not worth the angst, the time, or the disappointment.

Realize that there are an unfathomable number of conditions that have led you to where you stand at the present day; several of which, admittedly, may have been uncontrollable. Embrace every chapter you’ve lived, and start seeing each as a progressive step towards your goals. Even a professional or personal setback is a step in a cunning, albeit unpleasant disguise, but nevertheless, one that will arm your subsequent strides with wisdom and insight. To put it simply, if the grass is always greener on the other side, then whether strolling barefoot or strutting in Manolo’s, we’re essentially all walking on the same grass. So follow your path through its twists and turns, and feel confident in its solidarity.

Experience the weightlessness of the freedom that your own influenced, but not imposed, decisions have to offer. Take a firm grasp of the circumstances within your control. Find the strength and determination to manipulate them to the point where you are grateful for those which you had no say over, because they made you train, work and fight harder. Finally, understand that genuine happiness will be found in building and reaching your own potential, rather than settling for the emulation of someone else’s. Because then, when you do share your story, it will be your own. And it will be much more rewarding.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Comparing Yourself, To Anyone

  1. Lucianne

    I love the comparison to a biology project, I’ve never thought of the world like that. It’s so interesting to get another perspective on the world, I feel like that helps people more than therapy sometimes because it stops us feeling so isolated in our own thoughts, opinions and perspectives and realise that there is more to life than our own personal ‘reality’.

    Look forward to reading more like this!

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