Heading to the Big Apple!

I have some exciting news! In just over an hour, I will be on a plane to New York Cityyyyy! I am heading to the Big Apple for an injection of inspiration, motivation, and all other relevant ‘ations’!

This is the first time I’m actually going to NYC since I started this blog; I am so looking forward to sharing first-hand just why I love it so much. But this isn’t a holiday. This is my business trip. I have planned my schedule to the last detail, allowing for things that may crop up from other events, and anything I find in TimeOut NY that looks really awesome. The next three weeks are going to be filled with acting classes, audits, agent and casting director seminars, play readings, even looking at neighbourhood areas, as I *fingers crossed* will be heading out here for longer the next time I’m here.

I booked the flights a few weeks ago as I’ve been saving up every penny I can to take a longer trip and get a feel for what it might be like to actually live in NYC. There isn’t much I can do in terms of getting a sponsor for a visa or anything like that, but that is not the purpose of my trip, so that’s okay. I’ve realised that I need to have time to sit down, and figure out exactly what my Plan A is going to be. And where better to discover and create this plan than in the place I want to live in?

I will post regular updates of everything going on. It will be so great.

 I am scared, I am a bit tired, but I am incredibly excited.

See you in the Big Apple!