First Quarter Update of My 2016 Bucket List

Happy April friends! So there are some reeeally exciting happenings this month. I turn 26 in a few weeks -cake, good times, leftover cake-, and the show I’m currently in rehearsals for will have its world première! This week is also my last full week in London until July, which feels weird to think about, but is ultimately so fun to contemplate, especially when I think about all the fun things in-store before then, which I will share very soon! I’ve spoken before about the phases of our lives echoing waves; I feel like I’m at a place where I can allow myself to reflect on what I’ve done so far in order to apply a deeper sense of focus to my next steps, but also so I can celebrate the achievements thus far, something I feel that we all often neglect. For me, forgetting to do that is mostly a result of my high-acheiving Nigerian upbringing (“98%? What did you miss?”), which I’m very grateful for, but have had to ease away from so I can give myself a well done when a well done is due.

Celebrate what you want to see more of. -Tom Peters

In January 2016 I wrote a Bucket List. I actually sort of copied it from my headshot photographer, Darren Bell. But I also wrote it because 2015 was such a big year in terms of my personal growth (and weight reduction) that I wanted a new pic’n’mix of career-focused goals with some new experiences and challenges.

So here’s the low down on where I’m at with each one!

Writing again over words makes your work look more artsy. It also uses pens twice as fast.

  1. WATCH HAMILTONNOT DONE. So, in a matter of months I’m going to be in a position that I could actually watch the show. I also can’t bring myself to watch many video clips of the show because I want to give my eyes as fresh an experience as possible. But I have done the iPhone mp3 equivalent of burning the CD out. i haven’t looked at ticket prices; I don’t yet know exactly how much my kidneys are worth.
  2. PERFORM IN NEW YORK CITYNOT DONE. See 1. As I’m going as a visitor, I won’t be able to do any paid work in New York; as I plan to move there in the foreseeable future, I do not want to do anything to jeopardize that. But who’s to say I can’t sing, rap, or time-step at a cabaret for fun. Either way, I’m taking my ukulele with me in the summer.
  3. GET A LONDON DJ GIGNOT DONE. Apart from listening to some deep house tracks in a new music hunt, I literally haven’t put in any hours whatsoever into this one. Bad Abiola.
  4. PRODUCE & ACT IN A SHORT FILMDOOOOOOOOONE! *cue fireworks, confetti, and Mum’s best jollof rice* I finished filming my first short film that I have basically Chaplin-ed -a new word I have made up based on Charlie Chaplin (who I was born on the same day as!) who played nearly every role on and off camera . Either way, this one is done done done, and now we’re in post-production and it’s dreamy.
  5. YOGA/WRITING RETREAT – I actually forgot about this one, but I reeeeally want to do it. My options are July – September. Does anyone have any recommendations?!
  6. RUN A HALF MARATHONBOOKED! I am going to be running a half marathon in London at the end of September. This is in response to my long-term chronic pain that finally calmed down at the end of last year. I have the all clear from my physio so I need to knuckle down on a solid training programme.
  7. EDINBURGH SHOWNOT DONE. After giving myself a reality check, I moved this one to 2017. I didn’t even have a complete show at the beginning of the year (and still don’t) so this is being pushed back, but is definitely still on the agenda.
  8. START A BUSINESSDONE-ish. SO! I am going to be starting a creativity & productivity coaching network at the beginning of July. I am so excited about this because it is something I have been very passionate about, after cultivating a mindset based on fearless creativity over the last two years; I can’t wait to start being a catalyst to others. Are you interested in working with me? Head over to Coaching to find out more 🙂
  9. REACH OUTNOT DONE. First things first, I need to actually write down a list of people I want to contact.
  10. LEARN FRENCH – a bit less Not Done, but still NOT DONE. This one is the fat monkey on my shoulder because I bought Rosetta Stone for French at the end of 2014, and I’ve literally gone up to “The girl eats the apple.” Even as I write this one out, I’m ashamed because I had more than enough time to learn French during The Book of Mormon. I will do this!
  11. TWO YOUTUBE VIDEOS – Planned, but NOT DONE. I’m going to film these two in New York. I have a snazzy idea that I want to work on whilst I’m there this summer.
  12. ESSAY/ARTICLEDONE! I am so happy that I was able to tick this one off and in such a fun way that showed me in a major way just how rewarding it is to reach out and connect with people. In February, I was featured on Broadway & Wellness blog, FIT FOR BROADWAY and this was such a wonderful feature to create. A big shout out & thank you FFB creator and new buddy Jane Jourdan! x

Amidst all the not done, there has been a lot of good activity this year. I haven’t really looked at this list since writing it out; reading it now, I see that the things I have done came as a result of reaching out directly to people, and acting on my own choices more than I have ever done in years previous. It feels so good to finally be confident enough to spread and share some of what I have learnt and continue to learn. It has also been a good wake up call on the things that I definitely want to do but haven’t made enough time for! 🙂

What about you? Are there any things you’ve set on doing this year? There is still plenty of time to take them off the To-Do list and over to the DONE! (do it in bold, looks très bien, oui?)

Until the next quarter! X